Discover a wealth of resources on our dedicated page, where you’ll find a curated collection of materials linked to our network’s initiatives. From toolkits to articles, dive into valuable resources to deepen your understanding and engagement with peacebuilding and human rights education. Explore and empower yourself to make a positive impact in your community and beyond.



Our toolkit, designed with insights from YPAN members, covers everything you need to create impactful peace education training. From initial design and planning to implementation and evaluation, this guide provides essential strategies and resources for every stage. Perfect for both seasoned educators and newcomers, our toolkit helps you craft and deliver effective peace education sessions.

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Introducing the Peace Fellowship Toolkit

Developed during the Peace Fellowship project, our toolkit empowers youth for peace. It offers practical methods for educators and activists to integrate peacebuilding into education. Join us in shaping a more peaceful world.

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Building Peace: Youth Peacebuilders Multipliers Toolkit Series Issue 1

Toolkit “Building Peace. Youth Peacebuilders Multipliers” is an outcome of the YPAN and Sende project run in 2016-2017 financed by the Erasmus + program. The project gathered 32 young activists
who worked together during a year to enhance democratic principles and respect for human rights in their

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SUSTAINABLE IMPACT: A Toolkit that guides you on how to run a seminar on Social Entrepreneurship

“Sustainable Impact” toolkit that guides you how to run a seminar on Social Entrepreneurship. The Toolkit was created as an outcome of Youth Peacebuilders Multipliers project

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This journey has been incredibly rewarding and impactful so far. We invite everybody to continue exploring and spreading the spirit of change. To discover the humans around us are beautiful and full of ideas that can help push us toward a sustainable and more inclusive world. The resources below document our efforts in this global project!

In 2020 we organized 9 in-person and virtual events in cities all over Europe.