Our Team

The way we work at YPAN is holarchical, consensual and collaborative. We don’t seek to gain power or status. Our work together is based on a horizontal basis and we aim to transform unequal power relations and patterns. Responsibility and credit regarding its successes or failures is shared among the YPAN members.

In YPAN we not only work as a team but we share responsibilities, not power. The following team supports the coordination and facilitation of the network’s activities.


Alper Gürlek

living in Melbourne

Nevena Radosavljević

living in Munich

Eliška Jelínková

living in Brussels

Emil Balavac

living in Sarajevo

Agata Stajer

living in Warsaw

José B. Sevillano

living in Cercedilla

Jorge A. Sánchez

living in Brussels


Karen Namain Pong

living in Athens


Ana Dulovic

living in Nis

Raminta Bagdonaite

living in Thonon-les-bains