training course on prevention of gender inequalities

August 2020, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands



#feelingsforall is a training course on prevention of gender inequalities and gender-based discrimi-nations via exploring masculinities.
This training course will concentrate on five specific topics relevant to our everyday life:
  • Toxic Masculinity
  • Gender and its concepts
  • Peace
  • Violence and Non-Violence
  • Identity

Training is organised in cooperation with the Friesland College.


strengthening the role of youth in advocacy for peace and peace-building process from the grass – roots level

19-24 October 2020, Strasbourg, France



In a collaboration with Council of Europe and its European youth center in Strasbourg, we are organizing the study session with the aim to empower young people, from Europe and beyond, to take an active role in peace-building from the grassroots level by equipping them with skills and competences in peace advocacy and conflict transformation.

Participants will be introduced to the creative approaches for development of the peace-building activities and will be provided with tools and instruments both developed by Council of Europe, Compass, We Can, Bookmarks, and those which are used by youth workers and activists working on the issue. Furthermore, the study session will give a chance to participants to explore advocacy and improve advocacy skills.