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YPAN Working Plan for 2020 and beyond


(Operating Grant. Civil Society Cooperation: Youth Erasmus+ KA3

Policy Reform, 1.01.2020 – 31.12.2020)

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About the Project

The goal  of the Annual Operating Grant project was to strengthen the Youth Peace Ambassadors Network as a platform for organizations and individuals to cooperate at various levels with the bottom-up approach in building peaceful and inclusive Europe where the voices of people coming from various backgrounds are being heard.

About Our Activities

Activities were initially planned to address and promote equality, non-discrimination, inclusion, and youth participation at the Global level, while focusing on European, regional, and local areas for our activities and events.

About Our Partners

Throughout our website, you may notice several references to our wonderful partners and friends that allow us to do all of the work that we do. The organizations participating in this project span 13 different countries: Sweden, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Serbia, Turkey, Greece, Italy, North Macedonia, Portugal, UK, France, Cyprus